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FanWaves, Inc is a start-up whose mobile apps orchestrate visual and audio effects in large venues using thousands of audience members’ mobile devices. FanWaves has developed the first mobile apps that coordinate digital stunt cards, chants, jingles and cheers across venues.

Company Overview

FanWaves delivers on the innovative idea of allowing fans at stadiums and concert venues to participate en masse in a coordinated chant, video or image show. FanWaves is a simple, easy-to-use mobile app that leverages peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to provide users with an unprecedented fan experience.

FanWaves is designed for venues large and small that want to provide a dynamic new experience for spectators, athletes and performers alike. Our powerful P2P technology even functions in environments where cell signal strength may be weak by creating an interconnected network of mobile devices that exchange information directly or through local wi-fi.

The FanWaves mobile app offers a range of exciting group-based effects to craft a more immersive fan experience, including:

  • Coordinating a chant at a large venue for thousands of fans.
  • Combining images on hundreds of mobile phones into a huge group image, with each phone making up an individual pixel of the image.
  • Creating intricate light shows utilizing participants' mobile devices.

Product Overview

The FanWaves Application


FanChants enables users to participate in a coordinated group audio event, such as a chant, cheer or jingle. Each user's mobile device sends a push notification to the other devices at a designated amount of time before the chant takes place. Phones are activated using geolocation tracking, photo tracking, or by manually entering your seat into the app. The result is a more accurate chant that can be coordinated across different areas in the stadium or venue.


FanPix allows users to participate in coordinated group visual events. The app utilizes each phone's camera and display screen to create images, light shows and other effets across the entire stadium. Additionally, we will have FanCam and KissCam features that allow individual devices to be in the spotlight for a few seconds for fans to show off their fan spirit or be on the kiss-cam. This video feed will be shared on all participating devices in the stadium, much like what are typically be seen on a Jumbotron.


FanStrobe empowers users to participate in ad hoc group visual events. The app utilizees each device's microphone and display screen to create strobe effects, random flashes, and pulsing images. This strobe effect can be programmed by venue staff, or set to react with ambient sounds or music. FanStrobe is especially relevant in less-structured environments such as dance clubs, street scenes, or concert venues.

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