Improving the world we live in with mobile tech that amplifies the fan experience.
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Amplify The Fan Experience


Using groups of mobile devices as pixels to create a large-scale mosaic experience for the users. FanPix will be available for concerts and other venues seeking a light show effect.


Allows for choreographed chants throughout any venue. Impossible chants become effortless with Fanwaves.


Share the FanWaves experience as easily as you share a fist bump! Not everyone is enjoying the event as much are you are, why not help them out?

Our Amazing Team

Working to make FanWaves as great as we envision it can be.

Jon Fuson

Product Manager

Kayleigh Lee


Travis Alford

Marketing Lead

FanWaves, LLC is a newly formed company designed to facilitate an orchestrated audio wave across a stadium using your mobile device. The company sees the opportunity to establish the first mobile app to allow for cheers, chants, and jingles via your mobile device.

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